Annual Maintenance Contract

We provide a comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Program that provides our customers with a peace of mind, knowing that they are in the safe and professional hands of our network and system engineers. Our technician will come down to your location for servicing the machine or components. He will diagnose the problem and fixes it as soon as possible, if required he will replace the components subject to the availability of the components.

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Comprehensive AMC

In Comprehensive AMC included maintenance with hardware parts warranty.

  • Analysis of breakdowns or faults in the hardware and repairing/service of the same
  • Includes spare parts replacements
  • Repair activities at 1st level
  • If repair work results in vain, replacement results
  • Replacements with OEM parts based on availability, else with equivalent quality
  • Preventive maintenance on agreed schedule/frequency. Excludes physical/mishandling, damages, manufacturer's warranty non-coverage's, accessories and consumables
  • 10% of the AMC contract value to be allotted for Critical Part Inventory (CPI) / Spare Parts (SP)
  • CPI/SP ratio enables uptime commitment of 99.5%

Non-Comprehensive AMC

  • Analysis of breakdowns or faults in the hardware and reporting the cause/reason for the same
  • Cost of the spare parts replacements to be borne by the clients
  • Includes consultancies, suggestions to solve the hardware breakdowns/faults
  • Onsite engineer allocation as per clients requirement

Benefits of the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

In today's competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any machine depends on machine's repeat performance. To get repeat performance; machine maintenance is a key factor. Maintenance of machines with Computerized Numerical Controls requires special skills. Every organization may not have specialized maintenance team to take care of all variety of machines. Machine manufacturers are the best people to support in maintaining these machines as total technology is available with them.